Operation Heart

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Please help us save lives.

We need your support to raise $1.4 million to fund the most urgent needs for the Cape Breton Regional Hospital’s Operating Room and Cardiac Services.

Through your generosity, 18,000 Cape Bretoners will receive life-saving care at home. Your donations will also make it possible for 150 Cape Bretoners to have cardiac testing done in Cape Breton instead of travelling to Halifax. 

Until no patient needs us, we need you!



Cardiac Equipment Needs & Patient Impact

CT Coronary Angiography - $128,187

Every day, 3-4 Cape Bretoners are waiting in the Regional Hospital to be transferred to Halifax to         determine if they have a cardiac blockage. We have the staffing capacity to do this test in Cape Breton, but we need this equipment.

This is the most advanced diagnostic tool available to patients. It takes 64 pictures/minute of a patient’s heart. When a patient’s heart rate is slowed to 60 beats/minute, it allows physicians to determine if there is a blockage and the severity.

Annually, this will prevent 150 Cape Bretoners from having to make a return trip to Halifax, saving    patients approximately $110,000 every year in travel costs.

It will also prevent 1,000 overnight stays at the Regional Hospital, making more beds available to our     sickest patients.

GE Telemetry Machine - $56,577

This machine is a cardiac monitor. Our current telemetry machine is passed its lifespan and therefore needs to be replaced to ensure quality care.

Pace Art Machine - $6,000

This is a tracking system for pacemakers. It tracks a patient’s progress and monitors them, even while they’re in the comfort of their own home. This equipment will help 1,500 patients annually.

Total Cost of Cardiac Equipment—$190,764


Operating Room Equipment Needs and Impact

Operating Room Table - $47,173

64% of Cape Bretoners are overweight of obese. We are in need of a table with a capacity of 600 lbs. Without an OR Table, there is no surgery. It is crucial to OR services.

Neuro Information Monitoring Machine (NIMM) - $45,122

The NIMM enables surgeons to tell whether nerves are touched or compromised during surgery. It is used in more than 60 surgeries annually. Without it, patients who require neck, throat and thyroid    surgeries will be sent to Halifax. This equipment is critical in recruiting and retaining ENT doctors.

Anesthesia Machines (6) - $820,000 ($136,700 each)

This equipment monitors a patient’s breathing, heart rate, and vital signs during surgery. The new     machines use less gas making the recovery easier on patients.

Innovian Machines (6) - $29,226 ($4,871 each)

Computerized documentation machines which display how a patient is ventilated.

Pain Pumps (20) - $153,312 ($7,665 each)

Electronic pumps that allow patients to administer pain medication independently. These pumps       decrease infection rates, increase patient comfort, and allow staff to determine a patient’s pain level.

Ultrasound Machine - $41,020

This protects patients during surgery. Surgeons use it to navigate while operating. It is also used to help put in central lines.

Total Cost of Operating Room Equipment—$1,135,853

To learn how you can help support Operation Heart, contact our office: 902-567-7752


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