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Will you help make change?

By becoming a Sydney Credit Union Changemaker. You are going to help make a difference in the lives of thousands of Cape Bretoners by raising much needed funds  for the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation’s Operation Heart Campaign.

On October 5th 2017, Cape Breton will celebrate RadioDay 2017 #BecauseUCare.    This is Cape Breton’s most successful and highest profile fundraising event of the year.

Thanks to Sydney Credit Union, we’ll be Making Real Change this year leading up to RadioDay. We challenge you to raise as much as you can in the most fun and innovative ways as possible.  

This is where YOU come in

You can raise funds in any way you’d like. You can sell some old items, have a lemonade stand, ask your friends and family to donate or even host an event. Be creative and have fun!

On October 1st, we’ll count your change and celebrate YOU! The party will be held at the Sydney Credit Union - 95 Townsend St. Sydney, N.S.

On RadioDay 2017 - October 5th, Sydney Credit Union Changemakers will get to come on air and tell everyone how much they’ve raised.

This year, we’re raising funds for our Operation Heart Campaign with a focus on our operating rooms. Operation Heart is a $1.35 million campaign in support of cardiac care and operating rooms in the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. Support for this campaign will impact more than 18,000 Cape Bretoners every single year.

We want to hear how YOU fundraise

Tell us what you’re doing to fundraise by emailing or by uploading a picture to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tagging us @BecauseUCare and using the hashtags #RadioDay2017 #Changemakers #BecauseUCare

Thank you for becoming a real Sydney Credit Union Changemaker in our community. Every dollar raised through our Sydney Credit Union Changemakers campaign will support Operation Heart.

Ways to Fundraise:

  1. A great way to give back to RadioDay 2017 is to start your own fundraiser. You can sell lemonade, organize a tournament or even give your birthday money.

  2. Having a party this summer? Instead of your guests bringing a gift, ask for a donation RadioDay 2017 to fund operation heart. 100% of money raised stays here to strengthen healthcare in Cape Breton.

  3. Having a yard sale? Why not gift the gifts to RadioDay 2017 to help fund Operation Heart, a $1.35 campaign focused on fundraising for important cardiovascular and OR equipment.

  4. Get rid of your bottles and cans, they’re stinking up your garage anyway. Take the money all summer long and make it into a RadioDay 2017 gift for Operation Heart at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital.

  5. Ask your family to give their loose change. Who needs nickels, dimes and quarters anyway? Twoonies and loonies are the best though!



  • Money raised can be designated to any portion in the hospital. Our fundraising priority is the Operation Heart Campaign.


Sydney Credit Union Changemakers

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