Madlyn's BLOG POST #1: What the Regional Hospital Foundation can mean to a family…

Hi. My name is Madlyn O’Brien, and at six years old, I lost my father to cancer.

Being young and in school, I stayed with my grandparents while my mom and dad travelled back and forth to Halifax for his treatments. Unfortunately, on one of these trips, my father, Gerard O’Brien, passed away suddenly while receiving treatments. With his treatments taking place in Halifax, my sister, Kelly, and I were denied the chance to say goodbye to our father.

You might be wondering, where does the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation come in to this story? I am confident that if this had taken place today, my father’s treatment would’ve been able to take place here, at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. If this had been the case, my sister and I would never have been separated from our parents at such a difficult time in all of our lives. This, of course, is all thanks to the Regional Hospital Foundation, and all of their very generous donors.

It means so much to my family and I that it is now possible for families to be able to stay together during these hard times, and for that, all Cape Bretoners can be thankful.

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