Madlyn's BLOG POST #2: Cancer Patient Care Fund

In 2017, an average of 5 people were diagnosed with cancer every day at the Cape Breton Cancer Centre. These people are our family, friends, and loved ones. Cancer touches everyone at some point in their lives, and that is why it is so important to give back.

What many people don’t know about the Cancer Patient Care Fund is just how much it does for patients and their families. There is a common misconception fundraising for cancer care in Cape Breton, many believe that its only purpose is to purchase new equipment and research. While it does contribute to those important needs, the Cancer Patient Care Fund in particular helps patients and families stay closer to home during such a difficult time. This fund supports 45-60 patients every single month, whether it’s with transportation to their treatment, or support in their daily lives with things such as groceries and oil when the patient cannot work due to their illness.

While it may not sound like much, this fund is life changing and lifesaving for hundreds of patients every year. It makes the difference between a patient receiving treatment and being stressed or relaxed or worrying about how they are going to put food on the table for their family, if they get to go home to a warm house or a cold one, and even makes sure that patients have a way to get to their treatment, and a way home.

The reason why such a fund is readily available to patients is because of the generosity of Cape Bretoners. The Cancer Patient Care Fund has distributed more than $2,000,000 back to cancer patients in need since 2005. This fund is entirely donor funded, and thousands of Cape Breton cancer patients are eternally grateful for their generosity.

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